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Office Removals

Relocating your office can be an incredible headache. While it may be a strategic move, the amount of money you’re losing during your offices relocation can take a toll on your company’s finances. At Man With A Van Gloucester our team of dedicated and experienced office removal specialists are here to help. We specialise in privacy concerns, confidential documents, equipment removal and commercial packing.

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File Packing

Packing, sorting, and labelling your boxes of files is not only time consuming, but can take away valuable operating time from your offices functionality. Our service can include packing files, sorting documents, and labelling folios. Moving your office shouldn’t mean chaos later. Proper packing and attention to detail are inherent to the success of your businesses new location. Our packing experts are trained to handle confidential materials and private information. Don’t risk your businesses' reputation. Let our reliable team of experts pack and sort your most important documents so that they’re ready when it’s time for you to take on the world.

Equipment Removal

Whatever you do, your office equipment is quite honestly what makes your business run. From photocopiers, to printing presses, we do it all. Don’t risk the health of your most important equipment when it comes time to move. At Man With A Van Gloucester we have the skills and expertise to remove even the most awkward of company equipment. We provide the proper materials to extract your equipment and get it up and running in your new space. Don’t waste your money on damaged equipment and unforeseen repairs, our service specialists will make sure that your office equipment makes it to your next stop in the same condition as before at a cheaper cost than you would expect.

Office Furniture Removal

Finding that perfect piece of furniture, art, or textile can really say a lot about your business. Whether it’s the artwork in the reception, or the comfy suede couch in the presentation room, retaining the look, style and functionality of your furniture is of the utmost importance. Don’t risk scratches, handprints, and stains on your office possessions; let Man With A Van Gloucester remove your office furniture for you. We’re experts in wrapping, loading, covering and furniture protection. Keep your most eye catching pieces looking as good as new with our reliable sophisticated removal services.

Restoring Your Space

Moving your office may seem like the most difficult factor in relocation. Yet, many of our clients have said that the unpacking process is far more strenuous. Leave the hard work to us. We’ll not only move your office, but we’ll put it back together. We’ll reestablish file systems, reset your lobby, and even ensure that your equipment is in place. Whatever your needs, Man With A Van Gloucester is here to assist you when it’s time to relocate. Getting your office back up and running again is always our top priority, and with our team of professionals behind you, you’ll be back up and running in days. Say goodbye to significant down time and say hello to your businesses fully functional new home.
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