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Are you a collector? A hobbyist? A sports fan? Devoting your time and life to that one special thing can mean amassing a large amount of sentimental objects. Whether you’ve been collecting dolls since you were ten or saving your football shirts since you were five, over time your collection can deprive you of much needed living space. At Man With A Van Gloucester we specialise in move into storage. We’ll help you free up extra space in your home, while transporting your valuables securely to a storage location. Don’t let your memorabilia infringe on your present lifestyle; see what our storage solutions can do for your home!

This is a picture of a fork lift truck moving boxes into storage.

Packing Your Possessions

Packing possessions for storage purposes is quite different to packing one’s house up to move. Our team of storage experts have the knowledge and experience to help you relocate your most important assets into a storage facility. We know how to stack, how to pack, and how to keep your most fragile items safe. If you’re in need of more space in your home, consider allowing our reliable packing professionals to assist you in relocating your valuables into a trusted storage solution near you. We cover Gloucester, Cheltenham and the Gloucestershire area.

Storage Solutions

Not all storage areas are created equal. If you’ve seen a deal that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Storage areas need to be water tight, climate controlled, clean and secure, to ensure that your valuables are kept in the best manner possible. At Man With A Van Gloucester we can recommend the best storage spaces for your belongings, and move them in for you. Our hassle free solutions have an answer for any storage problem. From large antiques, to delicate stemware, our seasoned experts can find, recommend and deliver your valuables to a storage facility suitable for your needs all at an affordable price.

Long Term Packing Materials

Packing up your valuables is never easy. Yet when you have to pack them for the long term, it’s important to use top grade superior products. At Man With A Van Gloucester, our line of products are manufactured to stand the test of time. From water resistant boxes, to mould proof packaging, our line of products are sure to protect your prized possessions for years to come. Don’t risk damaging your life’s collection with less-than optimal packing materials. Our professionals will select materials, wrap your assets and store them securely.
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