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We’ve all been there in the eleventh hour trying to complete that job as the deadline looms. The clock is ticking and you’re doing your best to get the job done. Do you really have time to hand deliver a document or package across town? Perhaps you’re in the midst of a meeting that has overrun and need to get your clients the samples they’ve asked for? Stopping your day to deliver one package makes no sense so you end up frantically looking for “courier service near me.” Let our Gloucester couriers service take care of it for you. Our experts are experienced in handling confidential documents, personal information, and delicate parcels.

Photo of a courier delivering to someone in Gloucester on a sunny day.

Document Delivery

When time’s running out you don’t always have the option of getting the job done on your own. At Man With A Van Gloucester our courier service can get the job done for you. Whether you need to deliver your barristers latest brief, or get an estate contract signed asap, we’re always on standby to help you with your most important documents. Don’t waste your time fighting traffic on the motorway, or battling the clock. Our professionals are experienced in meeting delivery deadlines and ensuring your most important documents are delivered on time and in pristine condition.

Package Delivery

If you’re in a business that relies on delivering product samples to clients our Gloucester couriers have a reliable service solution for you! You can easily arrange pickup for any package located in the Gloucester or Cheltenham area and it will be delivered to anywhere in the UK and even parts of Europe. If you’re scrambling to deliver wallpaper samples, or need to send a rush order of tile options over to a client, simply call us. We’re experts in handling the most fragile of materials and can meet almost any deadline. Whether your in a pickle, or you’d like to use our services daily, we’re here to help. We provide both regular and one-off services, so that your business won’t suffer when your life gets busy.


At Man With A Van Gloucester we offer a wide variety of pick up services. From scheduled pickup, to emergency pickup, we are standing by to help you obtain your most important documents and packages. If you can’t get to where you need to be our reliable experts will do it for you. From fragile parcels to sensitive documents, we’ll pick them up and deliver them right to your doorstep.


We know that life gets super busy. Deadlines change, personal commitments pop up, and your schedule can get in the way. Our courier experts are here to make your life easier. Whether you’re a first time customer or a long term client, we’ll help you get your envelope, package or parcel where it needs to go.

We collect from any address in Gloucester, Cheltenham and the entire Gloucestershire area. We can deliver to any address in the UK and can even deliver to Europe. We will collect at a time and place that is convenient to you and deliver it straight to it’s destination. No multiple drop offs and chances for it to get lost. We are fully insured to give you extra piece of mind and we look after your possessions as if they were our own. We are friendly, courteous, punctual and believe in giving the best customer service possible. That is why we get a lot of repeat business for our courier service.
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If you’re having a delivery dilemma and frantically searching for "man with a van Cheltenham" we are here for you. Stop scratching your head wondering how you’re going to achieve your goal. We’ll help you accomplish every task perfectly and on time each and every time you ring.

If you’re living in Cheltenham or the Gloucester area, we want to help your removals go smoothly. Sit back and relax while our professionals take the hard labour out of your most notorious jobs.
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