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Let’s face it! You may be the king or queen of your castle, but when is the last time you saw a Royal packing their house?  As a smart, sophisticated and busy individual, you know that time is of the essence, and that trimming time from your busy schedule to pack your belongings simply isn’t in the cards. From furniture removal to appliances, our home removal company can take care of the laborious efforts of moving your home.

Photo of couple waiting for the keys before moving into their new home.

Furniture Removal

At Man With A Van Gloucester we are one of the best small removal companies around, our number one priority is to help your house removal go smoothly. We want to ensure that your transition is fast, seamless and effort free. Furniture removal can be one of the biggest house removal woes. Preparing your furniture for the move yourself is not only tedious and time consuming, but packaging can be ineffective when it comes time to move that Mahogany wardrobe, or Oak bureau. Our team of experts take pride and care when readying your belongings for the big day. Don’t leave your house with unsightly scratches, holes, and scrapes. Let us move your most awkward of pieces for you. We’re used to hard labour and know how to manoeuvre in the smallest of spaces.

Appliance Removal

Appliances are some of the most costly assets in your home, and if you’re taking them with you, you need to ensure that their functionality and appearance remains intact. From cookers to dishwashers, dryers to fridges, Man With A Van Gloucester is your reliable removal specialist. We’ll pack, haul and unload your largest appliances properly, so that when you go to make your first dinner, or do your first load of laundry, you can rest assured that they are operating properly.

Unloading and Unpacking

Most people say that the worst part of moving is the process of packing and unpacking, and we agree. Taking the time and effort to ensure your belongings are packed correctly is not only time consuming, but can result in damage and breakage if done incorrectly. Our team of dependable experts are seasoned in the art of packing. We’ll even unpack for you! From start to finish our house removal specialists are at your beck and call. Start enjoying your home from the very beginning and let our packing agents do the job for you.

Packing Products

House removal is a lot more than just packing tape, cardboard boxes and van hire. Packing requires dollies, protective covers, proper papers and water resistant packing materials. Simply visiting your local supermarket for some used boxes won’t protect your valuables. Our superior line of packing products is designed with you, the customer, in mind. From moving wardrobes of clothes, to moving cutlery, we have a box, tape and wrap for that. Protect your most prized possessions with the best packing materials on the market. We’ll not only bring all the packing supplies with us, but we’ll bring what you need. Experience the difference an expert can make in your packing endeavours, all at an affordable price. Get in contact today.
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